Monday, October 26, 2009

Incredible 10 Days (!!Image-Intensive!!)

Signing off....... Blessed in more ways than one........

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Many Thanks... and some more...

First, to the section - Jinhai, Cedric, Guosheng, Michele, Jieying, Firdaus and anyone else I've missed out - & Erina for the surprise last Tues! Pleasantly unexpected, tasty cake and gem of two CDs!

To those who sent messages on phone/FB- thanks lots too!

Last but not least, to Erina who'd spent countless agonising hours trying to make everything turn out well, the staycation, the surprise cupcakes, the bag,the lovely card, all the effort, time and sweat spent - you deserve all the hugs I can possibly give!


Thank you!


This coming Friday will see the 4th installment of Da Capo.

How far we have come.

Its gonna be a tiring evening.


这首耳熟的歌曲,我到了今天 才知道原唱者是谁。忧欢派对似乎当时在台湾挺红的。

数着快乐的闹钟 吵醒做梦的情人
潇洒月光的小径 我们去探险

趁着天堂鸟的翅膀 穿上宝石的衣裳
大声呼唤 尽情的歌唱

滴答滴答我的爱 心情飞扬的节拍
满天星星眨眼睛 热情地招呼
请别拒绝诱惑 分享这神奇

滴答滴答我的爱 穿越时空的自在
满天星星眨眼睛 好像也在说


过了今晚 再也留不住你
迟早要洗去 我脸颊上的唇印
你和我约定到了明天 谁也不许再提起
你轻轻的留给我 这深深的回忆

甜言蜜语 迟早都会说尽
再多真心 也挡不住黎明来临
这段属于黑夜的爱情 注定要蒸发阳光底
爱上了不该爱的人 连伤心都会来不及

两个世界的代表作品 就是命运
我虽然很有勇气 但却放不下自尊心
时钟滴滴答答滴滴答答 我还盲目的拥抱你
希望把这一刻时间 永远的锁在黑夜里

过了今晚 再也留不住你
迟早要洗去 我脸颊上的唇印
这段属于黑夜的爱情 注定要蒸发阳光底
你轻轻的留给我 这深深的回忆

有时 ,只能叹有缘无分。。。


Monday, October 12, 2009

De-volve (if there's such a word)

Caught up with an old friend.

Its saddening to hear of how situations have developed.

For now, it looks bleak.

Hope everything can pick up henceforth.

Signing off................. Things change, yet stay the same...........

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Life's Story

I've gotta (re)learn when to exert and hold back at the right moments.

Signing off................ Warm............

Monday, September 21, 2009

What Dreams may Bring

Attended the screening with Erina @ Substation over the weekend.

Aside from a mildly disturbing (Erina will disagree though) intro, the main programme dished up an enjoying mix of local short films.

(1) We, the real people of Singapore

The idea of having people providing stories and re-telling them in motion is as new as last week's fresh bake. Yet to select six out of a 100+ stories, script them out and weave them together into an overall narrative structure has its challenges. Authencity aside (I haven't heard of a male pre-school/nursary educator), the flow of the film was well-handled, beginning with the monotony of a day's start, and ending with an excerpt of romantic overtones. The transitions are one of the technical highlights of the film, while the personal favourites are the anecdotes about the boy who took those jibes about being fat in his stride as well as the concluding mini-story. Now, will someone tell me which is the MRT station-cum-bus interchange that has a small ridge next to it where you can catch a beautiful sunset?

(2) National Day

This is perhaps the one that evoked those deep personal emotions, for in Wei, perhaps I saw a bit of myself - outwardly oblivious and inert to the little abrasions in life but inwardly retaining that sense of acute awareness of the little things that matter. No fancy cinematographic effects or post-editing, just an attempt that tugs the heartstrings.

(3) Kissing Faces

Radically different from the previous. Starts with a portrayal of romantic life-of-two in the shape of a Hokkien Karaoke MTV and rapidly degenerates from there (the progatonist's story, not the quality of the film itself). The monologue tells of a separation forced by the promise of a better life abraod, the happier and more unpleasant past, and the hesitation of leaving behind the current arrangement. Building upon neon lights and 'jumps' in scenes, the film is probably let down (IMO anyway) by a lack of research on KTV hostesses, but I presume this allows the director to have a little more room to work with. Sometimes, history and truth can constrain...

(4) à la folie (Like Crazy)

...which I think is the case here as well, which is the director's re-interpretation of Ramayana. Without the baggage of the stories that is Ramayana, there is no attempt to draw comparisons to the original. What I found personally refereshing is the attempt by the director in infusing elements of the different faces that make up Little India. In particular, the scenes which the female protagonist shared with the two female foreign workers provided much food for thought into the psyche of love.

The occasional forays into non-mainstream works are indeed enjoyable and insight-provoking. What an accomplishment it would be, to be able to make and produce your own film!


A Taiwanese in Paris is on a misson and making the headlines.

Objective: To kiss a hundred men in Paris, capture the kisses on photographs, and publish them on her blog.

Sounds crazy obviously.

To some (like some friends of the Taiwanese blogger), kissing 100 men is like going to bed with 100 men. But she went ahead anyway.

After all, how else can one commemerate a journey that has given her the courage and the capability that she hasn't had beforehand?

(Read: How it all started, here and here.)

(Note: She blogs almost exclusively in Mandarin though...)

Some of the photos are pretty beautiful, the accompanying entries even more so.

From whence the bold hail?

Signing off............. Look before Shoot..........

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Watching with fold-up sleeves

It's gonna be only the second time (& the first in a long time) that I'm playing the passive participant.

Feels weird, but yet anticipatory nonetheless.....

Signing off.........(Very) Dry Weeks ahead.....

Friday, September 04, 2009

Sashimi, you said?

From the King, to a commodity...

Sushi buffet, anyone?

Signing off............. Fishy business............