Saturday, November 19, 2005

Free Press, Crap Press

Despite being far behind in readings, I felt compelled to address the state of press reporting in certain local braodsheets; I have nothing against Today, and the now-defunct... omg, i even forgotten the name already...

FRONT PAGE HEADLINE: "Gorge her eye" murder plot - Lovers fall out, families lose face. Angry ex-hubby hits back through friend: Here, use her picture.

Is this what Mass Comm and Arts students are being asked to report and write on after taking exams and writing papers on press ideology and news values?

I dun want to question the intellect of newspaper readers in SG, but I feel that my 70 cents are spent +250% on the Sports section of this particular broadsheet and -1000% on the front page news; if not for the Sports section (and Roy Keane's "sack"), my 70 cnets would have been completely wasted.

As for Dawn Yeo/Yang... well enuff's been said.

Wonders if the state of press reporting is due to the limitation on free press? On the other hand, will free press eliminate crap press? So, want free press or crap press? *scratch scratch*

On another note, mind's made up on my application for MA, which means my stay will possibly be extended by another year; on paper, I seem to be the worst qualified of the 4-5 applicants haha... just try try lah. If got scholarship, lagi best! If not, then its probably SID/MOE/civil job for me... oooo MML just agreed to be my 2nd refeeree after MD!!! YEAH! Sadly, MD's not gonna be my MA sup if I get it... the institution refused to renew his contract... bleah...

Signing off......... Political discourse - CDA.....

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