Saturday, February 25, 2006

Term Break - Saturday

After Monday, I went to school everyday; didnt accomplish as much as I would like to have though... And Dear got a terrible ulcer on her tongue in her exam week! Haven had an ulcer on the tongue for a long time, but ulcers near the oral cavity are always -URGH-!!!!!!

Went for Kickboxing class again; there was another instructor who came cos last week's instructor had something on. It seemed that this session was shorter than last week, in terms of the time we spent doing punches and kicks. However, Dear and I noted that this instructor was more aware of the class' needs and was able to respond favourably when many of us couldn't pick up what she had wanted for us to do. Wasn't that tired as last week, but that means the muscles didn't get as much aerobic exercise as last week? I guess it's a different in pedagogy, with little to choose between the two, because no matter which one you choose, you dun really gain 100%.

We went to have some Brothers' Rojak after our class. Had the special 60 cents per piece 'Tao Pok' with cucumber, veggies and beansprouts inside, plus fried dough sticks. Yummy!!!! And the brothers are friendly too! =)

HELP!!!! Any hotels to recommend in Bangkok? Budget is around $50 to $70 SGD per night, and preferably near(within walking distance; say 10mins) to shopping areas.


The man, whose work we used to read every school day without fail, has left us, to be reunited with his loved one after 17 years.

Thanks for playing a major role in shaping SG's history. Farewell and goodbye.


Signing off.................. Sunday beckons...............

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