Sunday, April 30, 2006

I got lost...

... in the journey of Life...

Baudrillard. Baudrillard. & Baudrillard.
"Why were you hugging your bag throughout the paper?"

War drivers.
Digital Photography.

Slept like a dead pig/log. Again.
Not a single bit aroused* by ruckus. Again.

Eviction notice served.
Lease expires in 10 days.

Supposed/Expected to know everything about everything.
"I'm not your Superwoman; I'm only human."


Another 4-year wait.

Real-life, Reel-life.
Eight Below.

Screwed up at the AGM.
Tea/Coffee - Galvin and AP.
Woman walking away with an unattended bag - she knew it wasn't hers.
Songs. CDs. That CD Shop.

100+ Km in 6 hours.
Jurong East, CCK, Redhill, Jurong West, Orchard.

Story changes, but not discourse, in translation.
Don't agree.

Bulimia nervosa.
Toothache. ("#$%&*!~&*^%$#!%#.")
Chest pain.

Serendipity. 'Sarah.'

Unsure what 'it' is.

Signing off......... if this ain't Life, i don't know what it is.........

* - Change recommended by Ling(2006) =D

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