Wednesday, June 28, 2006

One last step towards Graduation, and more...

During my pre-puberty years, I fell sick quite often (my standards) - once or twice every year.

I was very susceptible to fever, and with the fever came with this mega-headache that confined me to the bed/sofa - each time I stand up, the world would just be spinning around me and my forehead would register throbbing pains that would force me to go back to lying down again.

Looking back, I was such a wreck and burden during those sick(ening) times, struggling to walk to the clinic and lying down on the benches in the clinic.

On Sunday night, I almost thought those days of being a wreck were back. A fever that had refused to subside after 3 Panadol pills and a few hours of cold towel/ice pack treatment had me thinking that my brains would be deep-fried ready for breakfast by dawn.

Luckily, it didn't happen.

The first time (in a long time) that the flu bug hit me this hard.



ZW should be flying across Europe now, heading towards SG.

Gotten something for him, with the help of LAPD.



I reached MPSH later than I had intended to - a few others were already there.

Paid up, went to try and select my gown...

1st one - too long;

2nd one - too short;

3rd one - pass.

Then the mortarboard, then everything else. Commencement Magazine!

Almost everything I sent came out =D

It felt like a Commencement Magazine featuring the grads of the Arts Faculty haha.

Lunch was a slightly less-than-crowded affair, but nice nonetheless...


There's just one last step towards graduation.

July the Tenth. Ten hundred hours.

Signing off............. No World Cup for 2 days = good sleep..........

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