Saturday, August 26, 2006

Coming out...

Was preparing to turn in on Friday night, when I channel-surfed on cable and chanced upon 康熙.

Guests included Ukulele, 南方二重唱 and this producer who can harmonise very well.

Though I only caught the later half of the show, it was pretty nice nonetheless - particularly when 南方 did what they have been doing best - belting out folk tunes, like 秋蝉 (actually, I only got to know the title of this song only through this show; had heard the song before but didn't know what the title had been...) and 恰似你的温柔.

Can someone compose a Chinese Folk Song Suite huh? Haha!


After working the day shift at UH, I'm now inclined to think that it was perhaps a blessing that I didn't get UH in the first place.

Not that I haven't done any dish-washing in my life, but I must have spent close to one hour at the sink washing the crockery that never stopped coming - it seemed like everyone finished their food and drinks at the same time.

I didn't break down, but a bowl did = (

And I felt so out-of-my-league. No amount of studying is gonna prepare/help one for real-time human-to-human interaction. Especially in the service line.


Zaobao Fukan had an interesting cover interview with Abigail Chay. Really felt for her.

Used to laugh at her when she was on TV. To me, she kinda looked awkward, for some apparent reason.

Now I know why.

She has been, and still is, much more courageous than alot of us. Downright shamed and humbled by her experiences.


Now, I truly know the self-doubt of being a strawberry.

You know, you aren't alone......

Signing off.............. Even if I'm a strawberry, I wanna be a sweet one, that brings smiles and satisfaction, not a sour one..............

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