Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Say "Hi"...

... to the man "credited with originating the first 'smiley' or 'emoticon' "...

Mr. Scott Elliot Falhman.

he did it on this very day, 24 years ago.

To those who lurve/adore the cute-sy emotes that have penetrated the MSN program of many uses (and other Real-time messaging programs as well) [me included], he's the originator. The hero. The Grandfather of all Emotes.

To those who have grown to hate/deplore the prevalent usage of the same emotes, where they prove to be a hindrance in deciphering what the other party is typing in the conversation, you have one more man (must be a man right?) to hate. Curse him. Condemn him to eternal suffering.

I am Wiki-mad.

And no prizes for correct gusses regarding the progress of my assignment.



On another note, I've been seeing more familiar faces during work. WX came down to "support" with her friend haha. Must psycho her to come down and get the almond thingy more often.

"Legitimacy" of the nature of my work is still questionable amongst some people, I suspect. Oh well, freedom of speech and thought right? Anyway, I pretty enjoy the learning process on the job (though I must apologise to those whom might have been suffering from the sub-standard products that come out of my hands...); controlling that machine still needs a kind of telepathy with it and, I suspect, with the milk as well. Gonna take some time before stabilisation occurs. But hey, I made a couple of pretty "sweeeeeeeeeet" Caps today leh.

But seriously, someone's gotta evaluate my products. Shall try doing that tomorrow.


And, someone finds this interesting enough to blog about it......

Wiki addicts gather over to tinywingz's corner!!! =D

Signing off............ It's only Tuesday ah.............

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