Thursday, November 30, 2006

A Sick Sicko - Calling It Quits

Fell asleep last night. Was so tired that I didnt even format my previous post before posting - woke up, hit 'Publish' then went back to sleep.

Went for my Honey Chamomile tea in the morning. As usual, couldn't resist getting behind the counter to kaypoh a bit during busy times.

Trip to UHWC was fast(er - than polyclinic). Met PK who was doing a blood test.

Vegetarian food at Engine was quite a spread - especially this fried dish that tasted like its made form potato/yam and came in balls. And chopped long beans stired-fried (abit over-done, which I like as well; the 'chao-tah' taste) with egg, plus brown rice (which tasted better than the version at the Deck). ZW, you should try this vegan stall one day man - my treat! =D

Drowsy, plus headache pangs whenever the cough came a-knocking. Slept much of the noon away.

Most of the time, there are only 3 reasons why I would appear attired in a jacket/windbreaker:
a. I feel cold
(not necessary due to the weather or environment, [though I do exercise caution in wearing one for exams - one venue notorious for 'powderful' airconditioning: MPSH5] - for such an exception, see b.).
b. I feel sick.
c. = a. + b.

Gotta start 5200, then probably calling it quits early - should head home when Naga's abt done.

Ah sweet. Talk about the skies not having rained the entire day, it poured.

And lightning just struck - twice.


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The most recent wedding dinner I had attended - next one: next Sat.

Signing off...........我知道对, 有什么不对 ...........

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