Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Heroes are Made (to achieve Ends).

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Flags of Our Fathers with Jenn after work - treachearous weather and road conditions!

Clint Eastwood's Mystic River was nice but abit too slow; however, I just couldn't resist a war movie, and anyways, The Holiday was left with front row seats.

It put things all into perspective - the true ones suffering in wars are all the pawns (who, incidentally, do the shit work most of the time) and their families.

Who wants to be a willing party to be put in the line of fire?

The worst thing is for the upper echelons to manipulate a situation that one is already being thrust into in the first place and then glorifying it in the name of war efforts.

War bonds, anyone?


Btw, last night was my first visit to Vivocity, which finally makes me not so


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Photographer - Ugly

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Camera in Self-timer mode

Shall try to see for myself more clearly, the hype over Vivocity one of these days.

Signing off......... Exposed flesh's worst enemy - Liquids/Fluids.............

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