Saturday, December 02, 2006

Perhaps Love

NOT the Mandarin musical-movie shown in theatres this time last year, but a song from Princess Hours (宫).

There's a Mandarin version that has just been released, but the original's better. The video has clips with some hilarious clips from the show - my favourite? Watch till 3mins 13 secs into the film and you will know why...

Probably don't have the time to catch the show on VCD/DVD (though there's a copy of it lying in my room somewhere -my bro's), but the song's cool enough.

Just one question comes a-begging: why can Mandarin radio stations / TV channels play K- or J-songs, but not H(okkien/akka)-, C(antonese)- or T(eochew)-songs huh? Can the 3G Singaporeans be blamed for losing their dialectal roots?

Signing off......... Run - and drop dead............

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