Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Race to the Finish

Progress' been slow, but thankfully, I'm more or less recovered from Sunday - not the persisting cough though, and medication's running out. Apologies to those who are taking exams with me - you peeps gonna hear constant coughing throughout the 2-hour papers.

Worse still for my 2 other fellow stooges. Think Naga's cough is recurring, no thanks to being cooped with me in the same room. Thankfully QZ's still ok - the healing power of YB perhaps? (Haha I'm so [deliberately] evil [must pronounce as ee-vill, like a true blue baddie.)

Anyway, these two fellow stooges have stuck with me throughout the sem - term papers, buying each other food/drinks, breaks, stayovers. Great company, great men. Let's do a photo-finish to the end on Thurday dudes and get that damn X grade!

Back to Unbounded Dependencies, which are actually bounded, and do not mean "unbounded" in the normal "unbounded" sense......

Curse the cough.

Signing off.......... 我不想想太多..........

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