Wednesday, December 27, 2006


("YEAH!", I added myself.)

What a way to end Sem 1 of MA. Cleared the first (minor) hurdle.

Thanks to family, friends, lecturers, colleagues - everything that had/had not been done made this possible.

Hope the results are enough to please the Institution to "bestow" me something. Tolong-tolong lah... Haha.

But then, maybe not - so many contenders for the "carrot."

2 more coursework modules + a big-ass dissertation to go. *SWEAT*

Btw, just saw the big-ass (Tuba) mute in action during practice in the afternoon - I call it the BAM. =D And the section would need at least another BAM because there's a staggered divisi part in one of those muted passages. More BAMs, and of course, more tubas needed for the growing tuba section.

Filling in the application forms for the replacement SERS flats is proving to be such a PITA (guess what that means?). Why does HDB keep asking for the same particulars again and again? Isn't everything already in the Big Brother database already? -argh- Gotta make another trip back home from band camp tml or Friday to finish it. -BIG ARGH-

Speaking of band camp, IT'S HERE! IT'S NOW! IT'S HAPPENING!

Bidding 2006 goodbye and ushering 2007 with a Death Note marathon - SWEE!

In other news, the Bidding Wars / War of the Bidders has commenced. I'm just awfully glad to be out of that system.

I need a shave, in more ways than one, soon.

Signing off............. 4 weeks of mid-AY seems a lil too short............

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