Sunday, April 15, 2007

Hit by....

...a sudden bout of lethargy.

Drifted in and out of consciousness for a huge part of the weekend, when I should really be up-and-kicking for the impending deadline.

Probably indicated my severe deficiency in rest - or the amount of energy I've spent in reading IS online LOL. It's very engaging, how the recent increase in pay has sparked responses and fuelled sentiments amongst the online community, as well as outside of Singapore. For me, silence does not equate to consent - just that the multitude of blog entries online have already proven the ground's sentiments that I see no need to toss in my own couple of cents' worth. Besides, there are others who have formulated much better arguments, and I do have the impending deadline against me.

One thing's for sure - almost no one on the receiving end of a pay rise is gonna argue against it.


This read is especially meaningful; not just cos my grand-dad's from China, but because of this part...

"I don't understand all those theories about why the fittest should survive. I only believe that everyone is born with a mission to bring forth life and celebrate its wonders. It is sad if we endorse others dying for our living.
Savages can't get any worse than this."
(From "Whispers from the heart")

A helping hand won't hurt.


Remember this female singer? Saw her on cable earlier this week.





And this one, I think, is the one that is the song that made her famous in the early 90s.


Listening to her songs, super ultra soothing.

For one, the lyrics seem as though they are poems themselves. And they almost always involve some elements of nature - just look at their titles.

And the arrangements, they work as if to transport one, the listener, to another realm - the echo-ey background, the instrumentation that seem to be played in space, and the sad tone...

And this one is for you, ZW - I had not known that she had sang a version of this before.


Signing off................ Up next: Lunch gathering.........

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