Sunday, April 22, 2007


Mad rush on Saturday evening.

Dempsey Road seems to be a cool place to escape to on a Saturday evening, away from the bustling and jostling crowd at nearby downtown.

Sweet whites = German-origin (Riesling).

Ask to test wines when you are buying them.

Made a wrong decision - headed for downtown via Orchard and kenna ERP 2x! Next time should take the Tanjong Pagar route.

Dinner. Was. Very. Filling. (But I still had Macs for supper. Hah.)

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The Dinner people

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The Latecomer (who has become somewhat a legend in his own right at his publishing company workplace - clue: it involves clothes, a largely female audience, and a wardrobe full of sexay moves =D )


A "competition" can reveal alot about life.

That reputation and past glory only counts for this much in a current context.

That amount of effort one puts in does not equate to what the result one might hope to obtain in return.

That there's no shame in losing.

That losing with grace is an art form that is highly difficult to master.

That one can learn from others as much as one can learn on one's own.

That one should learn to accept professional evaluation/critique in one's stride.

That humility is another art form that belongs to the same league as the art of losing with grace.

Signing off............. Life's Lessons - we grow, we move on...............

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