Sunday, May 06, 2007

I'm Thru'... Never Fall... Say Adieu...

Stopover in Grad Room - something (I suspect coffee) drove my tummy crazy after the movie.

Geez, if menstral cramps are this painful, I wonder how women tahan it every single freaking month.

Oh, is this my first post for May? Geez, I've been away.........


Had attempted typing something academic/argumentative/political/critical for once last week, but fell asleep and just switched off the terminal without saving my draft.

Was responding to a certain (highly important) H's comments about how "revolutionary changes" might be in place for a highly conservative (and rich *sniggers*)
ogliarchist state.

My point is, legalisation might not bring about desired effects, as the powers have the final say in deciding what form of representation is to and can be legitimised explicitly under law. Compared with the current state, where members of the target marginalised group are identified and discriminated by the acts which the law explicitly forbid, once legislation takes effect, the right to define who/what they are lies with the power holders. In other words, right now, they can still define for themselves the identity that society and the state "confer" them, but they might stand to lose this right to define once the law shifts from outlining what one cannot do to legalising who/what one is. If it's confusing, consider the possible different entailments for "One cannot X," "One can X," "One only cannot X," and "One only can X."

Which kinda brings me back to something sensitive - can we consider as truly multi-racial and multi-cultural? Are we just tolerating without understanding and reciprocrating? The need to call to oneself's identity, one's langauge, ethnicity, and even skin colour is often paradoxical and tormenting, for it sets up the Other for judegement and criticism and puts into play the emphasis on physical difference rather than deeper similarities.

Doesn't one marvel at odd pairings then? I certainly do.


This semester came and went. (But then, which didnt?)

Truth be told, the stooges see less of one another this time round. Each was busy with their own stuff.

I had group mates whom I would have worked with for the first and last time in NUS.

I had a first-time stroller experience in an exam venue.

I had grown to like and like doing things I had previously hated - and the other way as well.

And I had probably spent more time on the couch than on bed this semester.

Relieved/sad/anxious to say, from here on, life as an over-graduate really begins.


Where was I? Ah, movies...

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Spiderman 3. The Marmite-love-it-or-hate-it effect. There's more depth in terms of characterisation - both quantity and quality (though tortured M.J doesn't quite make it as convincing as tortured Peter in the 2nd installment) - and CGI is great. BUT...

Followers of the comic will be aghast by the radical deviation from the original. (Ask QZ.)
Gwen Stacy, the smart gal, does not end up with Peter, the smart guy.

Born into Brothels. The talent that those kids have with cameras, its amazing. They deserved better, much better. One of those times when the impassionate outsider can actually thumbs-up the Western intervention (though success of this intervention is debatable).

Moment that deserves the loudeset applause - when Avijit's application for a passport to Amsterdam was approved after numerous and seemingly endless tussles with bureaucracy ended up into a final 8-hour wait for the official papers (of course, its a before-and-after the 8 hours scene).

The Departed. I'm fine with it - Infernal Affairs series still the definitive mole movies though.

Spoilers end here.


Next week is interesting - travelling to Expo.

Signing off............. I won't tell 'em your name............

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