Monday, May 14, 2007

Wind taken out

Travelling around, even within a small red dot, can be exhausting.

I guess I had my wind taken out of me.

Worked in 4 different outlets in a week, plus visited another 2 - sounds like some kind of record.

2nd Floor of Glass House is quite different from its 1st Floor.

Hope Nick had a great time!

Cos I think it took alot to get so many people out!

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Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

There's the Republic of Ireland, and there's Northern Ireland.

One is an independent republic, one still recognises the Queen as its soverign.

The Wind that shakes the Barley is a pretty good introduction to the modern history of the Republic and the IRA in its early forms.

The Queen, on the other hand, highlights the current monarchy itself - how the Soverign painfully comes to terms with her people whom she had thought she understood best.

Helen Mirren is deservedly Best Actress - Micheal Sheen is equally good as Tony Blair.

The Last King of Scotland would have made it a British Isles trilogy of sorts, but I decided to shelve it for Gridiron Gang. It seemed unbelieveable that the movie's based on a true story, until one is shown the documentary that has been inserted in together with the rolling credits.

And the waterboy got killed in a drive-by shooting after being released from the detention centre...

Spoilers end here.


I had some unforgetable memories spent in Taiwan during my trainee days, particularly in Taipei (of course!) as well as the training held in and around the Hukou(湖口)camp in Hsinchu (新竹).

The unbelieveable bunks (it beats any old SG barracks hands-down - who would want a bed right next to the lav?), the cool climate, the comfy but fragile Taiwanese uniforms (most of us ended up with holes that aired our crotches), the 2D2N non-stop cleaning of arms, the yummy food that the reservist cook dished out (especially before we left the camp - SG steamed chicken rice!)...

The same Hukou camp that the Taiwanese plane crashed into.

The same Hukou camp that saw the loss of two young lives.

My deepest condolences.

The ironicity of life.


I'm just not an acute enough shopper - had been too eager to make a purchase, when I could have saved some $30 (or even more) had I been more aware.

Shopping is not my forte, never will be.

Signing off.................. After all that we've been through, I hope we're cool.............


  1. e trouble w viewing tat pic on a low res monitor is tat tat ger seated besides u seemed 2 have her arm ard u when it was in fact juz ur own arm. lol...

    btw u got e googoodolls song?

  2. HAHA!

    you know what? I had bought the CD way back in sec sch, but I've seem to have lost it... :(