Sunday, July 15, 2007


I'm ultra glad that all's well that ends well.

Sat became pretty ugly - having what could be best described as a hangover headache without any alcohol/spirits for half the day, asleep for most part of the day, trying to retail-therapy away the blues, wandered and covered MS, BQ and the other side of CQ.

Amongst other things sighted, there was this group of men trying to get a fallen/drunk/subconscious friend to his feet, while a lady dresssed in evening wedding gown was sitted by the side. Don't know whether to describe her expression as embarrassed or anything else, but this took place at the open area of MS, near Mac's and facing the Durian Shells.

Something else: while outside UOB (or is it OUB? Can't remember - the one near Penny Black is the one) plaza, by the River, I witnessed a couple being 'caught' for littering by seemingly some 'agents' from some enforcement agency - specifically alleged to have left behind their litter after they had been done sitting by the river.

And there's the usual night crowd - families enjoying a late night's out, the nightspot crowd decked in their glam attire, the boys in green who had just finished their NDP duties or are still doing them.......

And to round it up, a small bottle of Jim Beam to numb up and dumb down the journey home.


Anyone knows what is the name of the song that starts with some Hokkien lyrics "一人一半,感情不散” and rounds up the song with the same lyrics but in Mandarin?

Man, fill me in.


Sunday! Time to find a cure.

I got a disease
Deep inside me
Makes me feel uneasy...


Signing off................. 喔~思念是一种病, 一种病....................

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  1. hey!! i've got the lyrics to ur requested song!