Sunday, July 22, 2007

Be Bad

"Nice guys finish last
You're running out of gas
Your sympathy will get you left behind...
Sometimes you're at your best
when you feel the worst
Do you feel washed up
like piss going down the drain?..."

Seems like the banking sector is on the up - a few from the sec sch gang are working in banks.

Not your local run-of-the-mill POSB-es or UOB-es - instead, read Barclays, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley.

The one working in stat board, on the other hand, ain't doing badly either - we are expecting him to get 3-4 months bonus this time round at least.

Try as I might, I still couldn't avoid facing the inevitable question related to my next phase on the stage called Life.

The more often I'm asked about it, the more routined my answer will be.


A night of walking took me from PS to SMU (there's actually a pub that's open on late nights) to Boat Quay, and then a bus ride on SBS' weekend late-night services (used to be called Nite Owl, but the company's been keeping these services in low profile since their revamp).

Why low profile? There's no information on the route services at the bus-stops; heck, the bus-stops don't even display the bus numbers. One had to literally stop every SBS bus at the stop, and check with the bus driver if it's the correct bus.

As with late night bus services, the route was intended to be long - managed to catch a glimpse of the queue for HP at Borders, as well as the not-as-happening MS, before I switched off.


Bedding at 5am in the morning meant that I would spend a Sat more or less the same as the previous one - on the bed - therefore missing out on Ubin and/or collecting my laptop.

Attempted to take a walk around City Hall area again, but after covering Marina Square and Suntec, I gave up and headed home, but not before I stopped by for some bak chor mee and Heineken.

On a weekend where the city's overcrowded with the masses, it's the comfort of the suburbs that provided the serendipity and the space for the weary mind and feet.

Damn, I miss the weekend soccer matches.

"Oh nice guys finish last
when you are the outcast
Don't pat yourself on the back
you might break your spine."

Signing off.................. What relief, the rain brings...........

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