Sunday, August 19, 2007


The 500th entry.

What has changed? What remained? What needs to be changed?


An ultra short weekend - thank goodness for the rain.

Spent Friday afternoon + early evening in the new room for grads with QZ and Naga. I realised I, like Naga, missed the couch in the Hons room. ALOT.

Galvin called and we decided to meet at JEC. The nasi lemak at the new Deck made me ultra sick. Naga and I were overly engrossed in analysing chess moves on his laptop that we forgot to alight at the interchange until everyone else had alighted and the bus driver had switched off the lights.

Waited for Galvin - when he reached, we headed for pool:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Was at GWC on Sat. Had Yoshinoya, Cedele, B&J's and then nasi padang. Bought replacements earphones - at a freaking 68 bucks. Headed back to grad room for the night.


Nothing much on Sunday. Gonna head for the coffeeshop after I'm done with this 500th though.

看了五分钟的国会群众大会,把家里的电视的台给转了 - 转到看台湾辣妹耍电臀!

Yah, I'm probably politically apathetic, but then, I don't want to reach a conclusion that early marraiges and unplanned pregnancies are the problems pertaining to a specific portion of the population, or worse still, this portion inherently "carries" these problems.


Signing off.............. Off to the BPL...............

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