Sunday, August 26, 2007

Are you Nice enough?

Getting to know more regarding how people spend their evenings.

Ended up at this drinking hole called Central near the quays.

There's singing, there's pool, there's soccer on cable, there's drinks and snacks, and plenty of company - maybe for guys anyway. The waitresses would spend a couple of minutes everytime they tend to a table (no more than 10, one of them said).

Chivas just does not go well with green tea - the cola mixture was just much better.

Learnt some new dice/card games as well - pretty interesting that one spends much brain juice here, despite contrary to belief.

Several crazy rounds of Five-Ten wound up the night...

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...and after some had taken a back-alley piss (and scared off by an approaching mata van)...

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... it was a race back home, and then to bed.


The headache took a whole ten hours to subside.

Left for Vivo to catch
Jesus Camp.

Harry Potter is a warlock! Harry Potter is evil!

Yeah, it's such a sicko world.

Just don't let our kids be indoctrinated into it without the complete picture.


"Nice" is a very ambiguous word.

"Nice guy," however, is just an euphemism for "loser" - think
The 40 Year-Old Virgin and other stereotypes that exist everywhere.

So, think twice about describing a guy as "nice," 'cos it might just offend him, or rake up unpleasant memories.

Signing off................ The Chemistry of Language..............

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