Sunday, August 05, 2007


High volume store is no play-play business...

The effect? A two-hour bus journey home - most of it spent napping.

Apologies to D, who dropped by but I didnt chat with.

I had thought my Sat had already ended at a time when it had only began for others...


... by 10pm, I was ready for my maiden visit to Zouk, queueing up and waiting for the bouncers to let me in.

I hardly touched the beer, instead taking fequent sips of the 'tea' offered. Not I pay one, so why not? Haha...

By the second hour more or less, I became sedated, taking frequent breaks to the entrance to avoid the incessant heavy thumpings and flashings. Whenever I head back to the table, I would seek the nearest chair and just plonked my butt on it. Heck, I even fell asleep in front of the others a couple of times - a visual spolier, but I was beyond the stage of caring.

One thing that I was totally aware of throughout the evening was the type of behaviour that the spirits might induce on otherwise rational 'normal' beings - ok, this goes against my life maxim on being judgemental, but I think some stuff that I've seen are those that I thought only belonged to 'creative' scriptwriters.

The visit lasted till 4, by then I was quite sure that it would take much more convincing with much better company to persuade me to chalk up a second visit.



Either way, I must admit I was pretty astonished by what I had witnessed last night.

No matter how liberal I am, I think I'm unlikely to condone acts as such.

For a pretty long time.


Wanting to write, for the longest time, but...

I guess, its all pretty obvious, ain't it?

Seek it, or it seeks itself?

Signing off................ 开个眼界...................

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