Friday, August 03, 2007

There yet?

Was at AH this morning - while waiting outside the endoscopy section, I happened to watch the Ellen programme on Ch 5. The particular segment featured this child prodigy who was exceptionally proficient in piano. The segment ended with a rousing ovation from the studio audience and hugs all around for the little boy - boy, I thought, his parents must have been extremely proud...

I realised that any hopes my parents had to see the eldest one stamping his name in any noteworthy field had gone following the dodo when he decided to go against perceived rationality and followed his interest to enrol in a linguistics degree.

I didn't have any regrets then, but now...

内心里只想说∶ 对不起,希望能得到大家的谅解。。。


The last couple of HK movies I've watched all had a major character working as a 'mole' in the enemy organisation.

I'm inclining to enlist myself as one - if any secret government agent manages to see this message, the offer is out. Come whisk me away, give me a new identity, a life on the edge, the sleaze, the guns, the blood-fights, etc etc....

Hah. Maybe too extreme already. After all, most of the time undercover agents are chosen - they almost never choose themselves; even if they had done so, they would not want their undercover identity to be their only identity forever.

Maybe the only reason why I'm so yearning to be a 'mole' is because I'm ready to test my concealment skills in the most realistic environment possible. HAHA...


Working at Heeren (first time, probably last time too) on Sat morning till 3. Drop by to say hi if you like =)

Signing off................. Not there, but somewhere I could belong.................

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