Tuesday, September 11, 2007


It's pretty assuring to know that there's still someplace to seek solace amidst the fuss-and-buzz that this 704 squared-km is preoccupied with.

The last time I was in Labrador, it was a happy 1-1/2 hours of SMS sending and receiving.

This time, I hardly stayed for 45 mins before I decided enough was enough.

It was a good 45 mins of detachment, but somehow, it didnt give the sort of comfort that I had longed for.

Perhaps the next time I'm there, it will be better...........

可不可以 讓我回到 突然長大 那一天
那一刻 他的吻 改變我的世界
可不可以 這個夏天 這些故事 能永遠
球場邊 界外線 我們已越走越遠

可不可以 讓我練習 心碎時候 有笑臉
等著他 已走遠 才能落下眼淚
可不可以 讓我消失 在地平線 這瞬間
哭過了 冷卻了 起風了卻不能飛

我可以畫一個圈 把自己關在裡面 把回憶擋在外面
卻不能停止想念 在我的天空蔓延 他有的善良和善變
我可以畫一個圈 當作是完美句點 還他自由的藍天
卻不能停止想念 一幕幕甜美畫面 如果放棄了這一切

所以我可以 一直擁抱心碎。。。

This song by this Taiwanese female Doraemon quite power - though the MTV's pretty draggy and cliche...


Signing off............... Possible show-down later...............

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