Saturday, October 13, 2007

Eid ul-Fitr

The co-authoring officially got down to work on Sat afternoon. Probably done what we could have done already before we left. Brings one back to those days of slogging it out for assignments/tests/exams during undergrad days.

Dinner was at the "new" Marche at Vivocity - organiser had decided that the queue for Kim Gary's just too insane. Might as well - the last time I was scheduled for dinner at Marche, it wasn't ready to open for business yet.

Interior decor has to be the nicest, outshining the previous ones at Heeren and Suntec. Never really liked it at Heeren anyway - seemed like an underground meeting place of sorts. Here, you are most likely to be rubbing shoulders with those at the next table, but the spatial dimension doesn't threaten to overwhelm and dwarf the diner. Menu might be limited, but there're new attractions as well, such as the paella, the Swiss cross buns (my mum gave them the thumbs-up and thought they cost $4 each), rosti with mushrooms. Left all of us bloated to the extreme. *BURP*

Coffee at GJ's, chatting by the waterfront (always unforgettable, ever since...), then trying to catch the last train/bus home। The qunatity might not be there, but the quality of the company and the intensity during the course of the evening is something one probably couldn't achieve with numbers.

Signing off............... Something's brewin' in Dec...........

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