Saturday, October 27, 2007

Freedom, or the Illusion of It

What's within one's control? And what's out of it?

Hasn't seen Jerm in a long while, and just listening to his conversation with Naga a few days ago over a couple of sticks...

Boy, I haven't been so stimulated intellectually for a long time.

It felt pretty good.


Band stuff''s been taking priority over others for the past couple of days.

Lethargic, anxiety, relaxed, frustrated... the moods come in fast and random.

Probably a relief that I didn't really concern myself with tickets - will be lucky if I can pick up a distinctively recognisable face amongst the audience tonight.

Well, 119 egos into ONE - that's the magic happening tonight.


I almost choked during yesterday's pre-rehearsal.

Everything had been going along fine till I turned around...

I guess I'm just thinking too much, for too long.


To be free.

Ironically, being free doesn't really mean being oneself - in fact it might necessitate the breaking off from oneself.

To be free from what typically defines you.

Truely free.

Signing off............... I wish I knew how, what it feels, to be Free...........

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