Monday, November 19, 2007


Frequenting the Golden Arches like nobody's business - where else can you find locality convenience, air-condition, electrical power points, food and drinks (albeit at not-worth-for-money prices), relative solitude, under one roof?

One word - BOBIAN.


Friday night - out watching late-night movie with QZ, YB and Boo. Initially headed for Cineleisure, but Beowulf had sold out, and the later shows are so much later. Felt pretty much displaced, 'cos everyone there was dressed with a glam factor of 10 and above. Everyone else looked the same to me - the blings, the plunging necklines, the done-up hair. Without anyone noticing it, it felt like Cine has become a mega-club without the liquor and music.

Anyway, we headed for Cathay, and thankfully, it wasn't half as crowded.

Christmas lightings are up:

Boo sent me home on his new scram - my longest journey as a pillion yet.

I wanna ride. RIDE ON!


The most eventful thing on Saturday (barring Russia's incompetence at Israel) was the trip to Traffic Police HQ. Being pillion made me impulsive, and I enrolled online at BBDC for Class 2B.

Unfortuantely I still have to produce my driving license upon official registration, so I decided to go take some passport-size photos and zoom down Ubi to try my luck.

Weird that the Traffic Police HQ is located in the heart of an semi-industrial estate, though it doesnt look half as old as the ones like what we have here in Jurong. Anyway, the on-duty guy must have secretly laughed all the way to JB inside him that a weirdo-desparado wanted to do a replacement driving license at 2200hrs on a Saturday night. He advised me to come back during office hours - and I left then.

Took the new KPE on the way back - just for the experience.


Nothing pretty much transpired on Sunday - not much headway for the conference handout.

The neighbourhood's getting quieter, as households prepare for a mass exodus upon their "collection of keys" to their new apartments. So much so that Mum is getting hyped up and anxious over when it will be our turn. For me, I dread that day.


I guess I'm still behind times - this song must have been around for ages.

才知道 有些感受
我們之間 隱藏了什麼
可是你 你怎麼說
你知道後是不是從此避開我 OH~
我一樣難過 多希望我們不曾相識過

This lady from Malaysia, I have to say, quite talented.

这阵子你不在 - 还好吧?

Signing off................ Still Friends................

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