Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Oh, finally...

It came!

But then I was too stumped for words.

As the Hokkiens would say: "KAM GONG!"


Yet again, stumped for words.

This time after reading something written by someone that I had remotely known some years back...

Once again, things are not meant to be assessed based on their surface structure. The sentiments expressed against male homosexuality shook me up from falling into my afternoon nap.

Certainly loved the last line of the short exposé - it's like a WASP saying "I put up with those niggas and I hold no prejudice against them, but hey, I absolutely have no qualms about believing that they got own3d by us whites." Left me in a half-cringe for like half a second. HAH.

Yeah, straights are natural.

Signing off.............. 就算换了时空也会做相同的梦。。。。。。

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