Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hedgehog's Dilemma

Despite wanting to catch Secret Sunshine, and despite having the VCD set for Evangelion, AND despite the box office screens showing that its a full house (turned out that they had 4 single seats left, spread across the theatre), I still decided to catch Evangelion 1.0.

The storyline and premise is pretty complicated - yours truly don't even really know what's actually going on despite a 12-year-old 'affair' with the series - but I find it pretty engaging nonetheless, the mecha, the anti-hero protagonist, the many subplots in the show.

Pretty interesting then, when this Hedgehog's Dilemma was mentioned in the show. Don't remember really hearing about it, and it seemed to be a random personality condition until I wiki-ed it and read the entry.

I think one of the lures of Japanese anime is that the characters are most often multi-dimensional; perhaps that's why sometimes it feels as if they are closer to reality than portrayed. The trying pains of Shinji Ikari in getting his own biological father to acknowledge his achievements, his presence, his status as his son, speaks more or less of every child's struggle to gain recognition and acceptance from their parents. And then there's his reluctance to be drawn into close human contact because of the fear of hurting and/or being hurt by others.

I can't wait for Evangelion 2.0 : Division.

Signing off.............. Hedgehog-ing through life..............

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