Sunday, April 13, 2008


Its that bi-annual event again - SYF Display Band Competition.

And I thought it would be called off after waking up to the sound of rain and the sight of grey skies.

Personal errand took me abit longer than usual, plus the walking from Kallang MRT to the stadium (plus the fact that one can't cut through the old Kallang Airport now meant that I had to take a big roundabout) ensured that I missed the assessment and the first few performances.

I can't think of anytime that I'd actually been late (implied: uninvolved?) for the past few times...

Before I entered, I bumped into a sight that I'd been in, one day short of 12 years ago:

120+ nervous wrecks. Moments before the Big Show. Butterflies in the stomach. Lips suddenly gone dry like never before.

Another familiar and memorable sight greeted me at the West Entrance (the one leading to the grandstands):

The holding area for NDP'97 was across the road and by the Kallang River. Probably the last time I'll be seeing it in this state, before the Sports Hub takes over.

Thanks to the resourcefulness of my peers, I managed to get in.

Pleasant surprises to see (and hear of) a few familiar faces attending the event as well.

(To a certain "close" friend: I don't know why you think it was Pasir Panjang, when there's no educational institutions named after Pasir Panjang...)

No comments, just photos - photos for the eternal testaments of the 1000+ youngsters who took to the field on a humid Saturday afternoon after losing hundreds of hours and tonnes of sweat preparing for their 8 minutes of showtime; nil comments for the respect that every individual should be accorded to for having done their best.

Ok, this one warrants some mention, cos he's one of DA MAN. Kumaran - Man of the Moment.

The company - seems to get abit smaller and smaller, especially when one is expecting a second child, one is preparing for an upcoming wedding, another is just happily married, yet another is doing household chores... and they all happened to be the ladies! Will it be an all-guys outing come 2010?

And I hope the relevant authorities better realise that they CANNOT EVER, EVER hold this event at HCI, for obvious reasons - just look at the crowd turnout. What will be SYF without the school supporters, the family members, the people who want to come back and relive their past memories as marching bandies, the neutral observers who wanna oosh and drool over the suave DMs (LOL obvious reference to.....)?

They had been formed up, waiting to move back into the stadium for the announcement of results.

We left early for dinner at this HK-cafe @ Sunset Way. Results came in first-hand via the JY, the kind soul who SMS-ed the surprising outcomes faster than a speeding bullet; we had some minor chokes around the dinner table when we saw the results. Guess its back to the drawing boards...

Anyway, we had ample time to spare, so I suggested heading down to The Daily Scoop. Business was especially brisk, probably because its a weekend evening.

I think this is the first time this year that I'm out with them. Talks about an overseas trip beckon, but I think I shouldn't be able to make it. Probably catch them (and the rest who didn't make it down this time) real real soon.

It's weird - not being able to resolve the highs and lows that have had taken place within the last 14 hours or so, can't decide what to make of it, the day that has just passed。

The video took me like, 3 hours to upload?! It's insane...

Heard that Jazz by the Beach went well - way to go dudes!

Coming up next, the last of the Ex.

And it's Sunday already?!

Signing off.................... 我心仍在 - 该扔掉了吧。。。。。。。


  1. I am really curious. So, what were the results?

  2. Ooooo I had been referring to the SYF results, available here -->