Saturday, April 19, 2008

Freaky Weather...

... hot days and cool nights - just what one will expect from the weather here.

Thankfully, it's been (and still gonna be) a few consecutive days of warmth, human warmth.

Having dinners accompanied by different groups of friends, from playing the organiser to being part of the organised, and back again - some took like 10 mins, while others had been kick-started way in advance (read: 1 month).

And no matter how early you plan it, someone is bound to come in: "I'm ssssssoooooooooo sorry, I know I'd promised to come, but I have something else to attend to....."

And regardless the spontaneity, there's always a good chance that some like-minded people will agree to an impromptu makan session - A: "eh, I'm hungry leh, let's go eat." B: "Swee lah; how about hor fun and Hokkien mee?" A: "Onz lah!"

Yeah of course, to each their perogative.

The old Chinese adage cannot be more true than it is...


What's Gone:
Thurs - Dinner @ Arts Canteen (Air-con); Planned (Few days); "DanK's Scandals" (ROFL)
Fri - Dinner @ Clementi (Tze Char); Impromptu (15 mins); Worse Woman (but slowly becoming Better)

Every weekday - Lunch (& sometimes Dinner/Late Night Supper) @ AS5 Grad Room (Most of the time, dabao from The Deck); Habitualised (LOL); Best Man (a.k.a Fastest Fingers that Slaps the Bass a.k.a the π-man a.k.a The Human Equalizer)

Sat - Dinner @ Ellenborough Market Cafe (TBC); Planned (A Week); The Trio!
Sun - Dinner @ Waraku, Marina Square (Function Room, approx. 20 pax); Planned (A few weeks); EL Hons 2006

So, game for dinner on Monday?

Signing off.................. Rollin' back the years with Take That..................

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