Friday, April 25, 2008

Of Kimchi and Samgyeopsal

To mark the end of the semester for Contact Languages, and under the initiation of K, we decided to treat Prof. B to dinner. The class suggested Korean food, and K arranged for us to eat at this Korean BBQ restaurant at Pasir Panjang Rd, opposite the former Haw Par Villa.

The weekly session before that was pretty forgettable for me though; pre-verbal base-generation doesn't seem to work...

Let's say it was a pretty good eye-opener on Korean cuisine, though it probably doesn't reflect what Koreans normally eat day in, day out. K said he visits the restaurant on a yearly basis, as its too expensive. Which I kinda agree, after seeing the bill.

The place. (Had to revert to using the Nokia for photos - forgot to charge the camera and bring it out on Thurs...)

We got one of these private rooms.

One thing I'd learnt - there are several 'types' of Kimchi. Here's two types - we had at least like 3 types, and several more side dishes like bean sprouts, some radish/carrot mashed up and shaped like ice-cream...

Some salad.

Huge plate of assorted veggies - supposed used for wrapping the Samgyeopsal before one eats them.

K did the ordering - in the end we had a serving of mushrooms ($10+), 3 servings of pork belly ($22+), 2 servings of marinated pork ($22+, which doesn't really match up to the pork belly IMHO), one serving of prawns (8 @ $??+), and we shared a Spicy Seafood steamboat which came up to $50+. Interestingly, the 1st round of sides apparently came together if you order the BBQ; some of them, the portions are small, but the Kimchi-s came in pretty huge portions, and we didn't really finish them in the end.

The sides that came with the BBQ. The ice-cream-like radish/potato mixture is the orangey thing near bottom right.

The SPREAD. It was pretty scary to see the waiters and waitresses coming in with HUGE trays laden with plates and plates of sides and mains...

PORK BELLY. If you believe that Seoul Garden is Korean cuisine, you are in for a mini surprise. For this meal, we had a "designated" waitress who was at hand to cook our stuff, cut them up and serve them onto small dishes for us. Even our steamboat, we had them portioned and served to us, without us having to go near the grill or steamboat. Nonetheless, we smelt like we came out of a barbeque or Seoul Garden.

Marinated pork. The waitress was cutting it up as I was taking the photo.

The carnage that was left after the dust had settled...

The steamboat broth was pretty gao, and it got so spicy that most of us didn't really finish it. Had fruits and some ginger-with-something-else drink for dessert.

Came up to like $260+ for 9 ppl, with K paying abit more than the rest.

After that, Jeremy, Div and myself headed to Holland V for MORE desserts (Cold Rock - Expensive!) and coffee (for myself). Ended the day extremely full (but probably cos of the veggies) and sticky (warm weather).



祝考试顺利 。


Signing off............... 结束的开始的结束。。。。。

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