Monday, June 02, 2008


New stall selling herbal/"home-cooked" soups @ Frontier has opened its doors today, taking over the former Bambino's spot...

"New" Japanese cuisine stall opening on the 15th; "new" because the new operator is a branch of the Japanese cuisine stall @ the Deck, though with slight "moderations" in the menu. I'm missing the former vendors already.

And, the non-shocker - prepare to pay slightly more when you come back in AY08/09 or special sem. Increase in prices has taken effect in Frontier (almost every stall; sooner or later for Spins), and it is expected that stalls in other canteens will follow suit.

Why non-shocker? 'Cos it's about time - if prices have remained the same throughout my time in NUS, I guess one can figure out how long prices have remained stagnant...

Off for my IPT. Last session on Wed - and the 7 SBJs I'd done on Sat, I'm still feeling the after-effects!

Signing off............... (I actually forgot to complete this!)............

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