Friday, August 08, 2008

Three 6s

Just came back from the most awesome BBQ I'd had in recent times.

The advantage of a strong wind during a BBQ is that the charcoal gets up and burning very easily; the downside is that it dies down faster as well - the 4kg of charcoal we'd bought were used up before 7.

Thanks to 师母,we'd wonderful and generous servings of home-made japchae and kimchi, kalbi and samgyeopsal, plus the appetising home-made gochujang-mixed-with-miso-flavouring sauce - it was a BBQ that no one need to worry that there's not enough yummy food to go along, which is how all BBQs should be. The truth is, I've NEVER EVER eaten so much pork belly in one shot in my entire life! Think I'm gonna stay away from it for awhile...

Somehow, the idle talk drifted on as usual to the near-future topic, but we did chat about other stuff as well - politics, racism...

This BBQ had been real fun.


Sometimes face value is all that is.

An early extrication might save alot.


It'd been the darkest day before, but it won't be now.

Signing off................. BPL starts in a little over a week's time.............

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