Monday, September 08, 2008

Back in Time - Pasir Panjang Pillbox

Everytime I travel along Pasir Panjang Road (most of the time on bus rides to Vivo/Town), I will never fail to take a second look at this particular landmark outside the entrance of this end of Science Park:

(Taken whilst on the bus with the Nokia; the gal just happened to be there...)

This particular WWII monument certainly had seen its fair share of action; I can picture the scenes some 60+ years ago, with enemy forces creeping around the area and fighters from the Malay Regiment inside the pillbox manning the machine guns and gunning down whoever had approached it on one hand, and worrying that they might be surprised by the sheer numbers of the enemy force on the other hand.

(This photo reproduced from Wikipedia, as provided by SengKang.)

In this modern reality, set against the bustling landscape that is the Science Park and nearby PSA Terminal, who would have known what had actually taken place in and around this pillbox during those days and nights of early 1942, and how the men defending the pillbox felt like during that period of time?

Signing off................. A Photo, a Story.................

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