Saturday, October 04, 2008

That Wedding

The Road Less Travelled had certainly been less travelled. Came out feeling corny, and it resembled something that had pretty rough edges, but it still provided pretty much to ponder over.

Received a call just now - heh, imagine a certain RC talking over the phone with RC - asking me if I could give some sort of a talk about a person whom I hadn't even been acquainted with. "Have you played under me before?..... Do you think you can talk about me?....." sort of thingy. Well, I'm truly apologetic, sire - I don't even think I can talk about yours truly without running into a blank after 10 seconds.


Oh yah! The euphoria that was last weekend.......

Headed to the south for some queue, but ended up empty-handed. It wasn't all of a Hello-Kitty-esque kind of event as I expected, but then the allocation was few and pathetic, to say the least. Sort of a wasted trip.

Drove the family to the Far East for Sis' birthday party. Hadn't driven a car for quite some time, and the first thing I did when I came out of the estate was to drive the car over the road divider and knock down the yellow-black pole that had been on the road divider. The car did not suffer much damage (I hope), but I think my aunt won't let me near the driver's seat ever again.

SAF Holiday Chalets/Bungalows seem to be a good place for a little getaway for the weekend - recently refurbished and renovated and way better than those little NTUC 'cubicles'. Saw plasma TVs showing live football from cable in the chalets. Plus its just off the pristine beach that is Changi. Glad that all went well in the end, she being the only one of us all that organised a 21st party. The downside is that, I think I'm observing more dsyfunctionalities that I've never noticed before, even within myself. Radical and foundation-rocking, it seems.

Thankful that Aaron offered to come down and fetch me to Sengkang. Headed to HS's place first. Pretty simple and cosy setup for the couple, though it'd probably bled them so much of their savings. Headed over next to meet our star of the weekend, and headed for Bliss Cafe at Punggol Park to chill before all the mayhem began. R came down from another banquet and we headed to rest at around 2am. Was trying to hook up to the Net, but it took an nOOb ala me so long to figure out the MAC address of my internal modem that I simply gave up.

By 3am, everyone was up and about. Showered, changed and got ready to head for the bride's place. The bridal car's driver was simply a speedster - we were doing 130 or more on the SLE and still chasing him, the rest of the convoy. By 5, we were already prepared to storm up and into the bride's place. Though there wasn't any food tekan, the negotiation process still took slightly longer than expected. Steven had to go through this interesting Wii game as his penultimate challenge, which I though was pretty innovative. Everything went by in a flurry and we were speeding back and reaching Sengkang before the sun had been up. After breakfast, the tea ceremony and the photo-taking, we konked out for about 2 hours before waking up again for the buffet lunch. And then it was off to the bride's place again by 11am.

We touched down at Holiday Inn Atrium just before 2pm. Headed to the day room where there were more konking up, and I still couldnt hook up to the Net cause the hotel was going to charge for Net access. Showered and changed for the solemnization ceremony at 430, where I met my co-host, who is a lovely lady expecting a child in a month's time.

I guess the dinner itself went ok. Sticking to the script, organising the tables for photo-taking and all. The only thing that I probably didn't do enough was to chat with the rest of the guys - but that could always be done when we meet up again in end-Nov.

Post-banquet, we headed for the bridal suite. The long-anticipated drink fest fizzled out - guessed everyone was simply tired out (in a good way). The hard liquor remained untouched, and we slowly drifted off to sleep.

It was a pretty good experience; hardly anything went wrong, and the married couple just seemed so blissful. Next up for them, a new member to the family! Can't wait to see the little one when s/he comes out!

Ok, back to life.

Signing off............... Pretty soon They'll come and get me.............

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