Saturday, March 21, 2009

1 point.

The performance came and went.

With each passing concert, the actual performance time spent on stage seems to feel shorter and shorter. I can't say that I'm a seasoned performer, but the last couple of concerts had seem to be over before anyone realised it.

Feels unaccustomed hearing myself play all those higher pitches for a whole concert proper (again). Besides the 2-3 lower Eb-s and those (16 X 2) bars of quarter Bb notes, there wasn't much of bass-y stuff.

Thanks again to those who attended. Thanks also to the section - the 'regulars' all had stuff for everyone else - a bucket, a keychain, cards, rock buns. Also to Ms. Panda and Ms. No-Longer-A-Thug (haha) for their tarts and cards. Most importantly, thanks to Erina for the "maple syrup." =) Didn't manage to have time to prepare anything except some cakes and grapes. Post-concert supper was pretty hilarious, with everyone being entertained by the outgoing VP, who'd been super-highed.

It's been a pretty uncertain period for a lot of people, this 3 months of transition. The applause at the end of the concert came as a relief for all those involved I guess. Any transition needs time, and I guess the apprehension is beginning to thin out, though an exodus (voluntary or otherwise) may be unpreventable. As I approach the end of my 6th year here, I've seen a fair share of changes, arrivals and departures. People come and go, for various reasons. It might have been NUSWS since mid-2003, but every year, the same few challenges face the ensemble, in varying degrees and manifestations. As time passed, it became immaterial (at least to me) to talk about comparison and the 'difference' in standards and such between then and now and the will-be, simply because its a different group presented to the ensemble each time we take to the stage. Its as if we are like some seasonal creature or plant; every June/July and December, the renewal process kick-starts itself, building up to the periods of end-October and end-March. In between, we work out the external and internal changes that have taken place before. When we finally are presented to our audience, we are perceived as the (unified) entity, the one that they'd seen previously and have come to see again. The reality is, we could have undergone some considerable changes somewhere, somehow; whatever happens on the concert days themselves are, in a way, more than mere public performances.

Like some others out there, I will miss the times spent here, the soul, when its my turn.

Signing off.................. Tell me when the lights go out...............

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