Monday, April 20, 2009

About Britain's Got Talent and My First Ever...

By now, its hard not to notice the Susan Boyle phenomenon.

When I first saw the video however, the hosts were the ones that caught my attention.

Ant & Dec! PJ & Duncan!

My first ever CD!

Introduction to 90s Bubblegum Pop 1101E - Eternal Love:

Its just so unbelievable that this song can be heard every single night on the same radio programme for almost 2 years(??) 'cos there would be somebody who would have written in to request for this song. In retrospect, its totally cheesy, and probably implicitly pink, but the kick for me probably lies in the melody of the chorus.

The album will probably rank up as one of my worse buys in terms of the quality of songs, but it will always have that reserved place in my memory.

How these two lads have grown...

Truthfully speaking, they do make better hosts than singers..........

Signing off............... Watch us wreck the mic, PSYCHE..........

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