Friday, April 17, 2009

"Your Two Good Friends"

The week spelt the (premature) end of Pool's run in the CL; granted, it wasn't a classic, it wasn't the rock-solid Pool defence on show (we need some backup for Carra, and Hyypia is not) that typified the past few CL seasons, but the only thing that could be said was that Pool kinda showed it could hold its own - even for a half - without Stevie and quiet Torres. Everyone knew that Aurelio was gonna bang the free-kick straight in after spotting Cech off-position. Pity about the freak cross that Drogs barely got a touch to and Reina spilled in. And nothing but lots of shrugs for the Drogs-show on the pitch.

This "Good Friends" issue has personally bothered me for quite abit. Of course, the real culprit(s) cannot be condoned (Curse the Cold Storage bag and its contents!), but I seriously wonder how much deductive logic this person had utilized in order to pass that patronizing judgment. If there's circumstantial evidence to back her claim, of course it will be undeniable. Thing is, she's probably here for that one and only time throughout the week, and she wanna air her judgment on something that had happened the day before, when she's possibly not even a sniff away from the room? Even if its only a comment to suggest that we had known who left it there previously, I guarantee that either of us would have ensured that the 'stuff' wouldn't have been left around to stink up the room. It just proves once and again how impressions can (erroneously) lead to a decidedly poor judgment. And how some members of our community have effectively mastered the art of FP. Thanks to the cleaning lady who jumped to our defense, if she's indeed on our side. As for you, I wish all the best for your good friends.

Signing off............... Unload, Check Clear - CLEAR.........

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