Saturday, June 20, 2009

That issue of disparity

I used to (until recently) subscribe to the utopian notion of equality for all in all.

Sometimes, in the face of daunting but concrete evidence, one has little but to face what we call the harsh reality.

The hardcore puritan(s) may still question whether everyone has had tried hard enough, but its an ideal that will probably remain elusive for eons to come.

For most, it has gone down to the inevitability of accepting the role that inequality plays in their lives, and how they go about navigating through the different facades of disproportionateness and adjusting their expectations.

It seems to be an axiom that hard work and effort always reap one rewards at the end of the day (I try to shun away from the usage of 'meritocracy). Those instances that do not are warranted degrees of empathy and consolation, sometimes coupled with grudging aid.

I guess we shouldn't lose sight of those who failed to reach the finishing line with us.

And probably more.

Signing off................. Time to patronise ("sar-port") the Maju Uncle's bread buns................

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