Thursday, September 23, 2004


Cant wake up today till close to 11; was late for discussion for Discourse Structure... spent 3hrs ++ debating the New-Giveness and Prince's Taxonomy of Assumed Familiarity ahha... Went to meet Dear outside LT14 (she was there ard 3), and we sat there, with our laptops, she playing her SIMS2 while I was surfing net hehe... SIMS2 is such a nice game sia!!!! Must learn how to play it after exams!!!!

After that, we went to Clementi, then to Jelita to collect the tickets for this Friday's concert; then we went to Holland V, the Crustocean Grill by Fosters restaurant; Jenn and ZX were there waiting cos we were late haha.... then we ordered loh.... me and Dear sharing the Seafood Combo, Jenn had Catch of the day (SALMON WITH BUTTER!!!!), and Zx ahd this Seafood combo in this tomato broil; not bad sia, though serving was a bit small for me and Dear haha.... the veggies and mashed potato that came with it were nice though! Then the bread was freshly cooked (with olive oil and dark vinegar HEHE)!!! The mussels (with the sauce) were SEDAP!!!! Jenn's soup looks nice (like Latte!!!), and tastes a bit weird, but still nice and healthy, cos its mushroom-y!!!!! The drinks were weird, at least for the iced Peppermint and Camomile Honey that Dear and I had... the bill was quite high even after the $20 discount, but it was a NICE DINNER!!!! THANKS TO JENN for paying!!! To ZX for coming!!!! and of course to DEAR FOR EVERYTHING!!! =)

They have these 2 aquariums at the restaurant; saw some interesting stuff.... blue lobsters, fish that look fake and wearing "lipstick" haha.... Starfish getting intimate hehe.... clownfish, dory fish... hehe so cute sia!!!!

ZX left after dinner for karaoke; 3 of us went to Cold Storage for my Tea leaves for tml's makan session after band prac... then went to Essential Brew to check it out... dessert were Jasmine Tiramisu (turned out to be strawberry flavoured), some Crepe with fruits and poached pear... the Dragon Pearl Tea was the best!!!! haha the container was so cute and innovative, we alost wanted to bring it home.... had to call the service staff to come with a pot of hot water every time we finished one pot of tea haha.... went home at ard 1030....

One of the best days that I have spent with Dear... all thanks to her, Jenn and Zx :)

THANK YOU!!!!!!!! *HUGZ*!!!!!

Signing off.......... Friday is coming; YEAH!!!!!........

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