Saturday, September 25, 2004


Thursday was a tiring day...

Woke up and met JB to go AMK FSC; alighted much earlier and had to walk 10 mins to the place; ended up somewhere opp Mayflower Sec (so coincidental; was there selling concert tickets last year? hmmm)... at the end of the day, we still didnt know wat to to for this SW3211 project; the thingy is due in a month's time!!!! ARGH!

Took cab (the 4 of us) back to NUS; went to clementi to help Nick get stuff back to NUS for the mooncake thingy scheduled after prac... saw DP doing his studying and the Auditorium not opened; went to draw keys and opened up, got ready for sectionals, which started at 3+ instead of 230 cos i was late and the guys were later haha... went for a quick dinner, then prac started at 5... Jenn and ZX came!!! :)

During the prac, i shouted WAT so loudly that Dr Mak thot i was 'siao' or wat haha... was so malu-ed... anyway after prac, we got ready for the mooncake thingy; too many mooncakes and we couldnt finish; Jon took one box and i took one; nick took some for Jinyang; Jon wasnt feeling too well so he went back, while me, Nick, ZX and Jenn went Clementi for supper... Had a drink then chat, then went back home with ZX le....

On the stroke of midnight.... wished Dear a Happy Birthday!!!! :)

Signing off....... Next entry is a continuation.....

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