Wednesday, September 15, 2004

New Layout!!!

Yeah! Welcome! This layout was done with the help of Dear!!! THANKS!!! *hugz*

Studied outside LT 14... Dear came to join me after her paper; she had 4 packets of Mamee Mee which kept me full and awake hehe... then proceeded to amend my layout loh... studied, watched a bit of TV... oh yah, Dear saw someone which she said looked like me... hmmm not very nice to look like me hor? haha... anyway, saw this *ahem* lady also; hee Dear's eyes was so SHARP, picked up someone so well-endowed lol... anyway, we packed up and left after Mr. Bean (the one which he went to the Hotel and was locked up naked outside his room 426 hehe...)...

Signing off........ My Happy Ending ROX!!! Discourse Structure Test coming.......

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