Thursday, September 16, 2004


Last nite was a busy nite; doing my research online for African Languages... in the end, hardly found any...

Anyway, I met up with Dear at Clementi yesterday after class; went to JP to catch The Terminal. Bought SIMS 2 as her birthday present; haha guess she will be addicted to it for the whole weekend!

KFC's Ultimate Chicken Meal was our dinner, and after that we were off for our show!

Very nice! Catherine Zeta-Jones never looked so charming! And Tom Hanks, I guess he's so good! :) Perhaps this would be a really good antithesis to AVP!

Oh yah, supposed to be mum's birthday yesterday, but didnt celebrate cos sis couldnt make it back... some other day...

Signing off....... Term Break?! Where got?!........

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