Wednesday, October 06, 2004

My Turn to Meet Her Folks

Got back Test for Discourse; Average marks I guess... must buck for the next test in 2 weeks time...

After lessons, Dear and I went to Passar Malam again; bought Ramli burger and had it on 99... went to my house to send some questions to my project group mates before leaving for Dear's Residence... quite scary sia, but lucky I sort of met Dear's mom before... had nice dinner that Dear's Mum had prepared, and fruits that she had cut beforehand as well.... then after that we watched TV till 10 hee... Dear's Dad was around for a while as well... hee they were both so nice... really enjoyed myself this evening =) Thanks Dear!!!! *HUGZ*!!!!

Signing off....... Lesson: Dun trust Ramli Burgers in SG anymore.....

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