Saturday, July 23, 2005

After one week....

I'm back after a break; actually I had some inspiration to blog every now and then, like when I'm on the bus, pondering over recent happenings, etc.

Those inspirational moments, that you feel that whatever that is running in your mind would be newsworthy material, maybe even get you nominated as Write of the Year or something...

And you realise that:
(1) You arent connected to the Net. No workstation, no keyboard, no shit. Zlich.
(2) You don't have pen and paper, or PDA, or i-Pod
(3) You think that you can blog all your thoughts down once you get your hands on your laptop/desktop.

And once you get home, sit down in front of the computer, the urge to blog just dissipates, with a distinct sense of déjà vu.

Anyway, I should really carry on writing. Went on a mini-shopping trip @ IMM today with Dear. Met a junior from sec sch band times, and (I think) he's promoting some savings plans or insurances for Great Eastern. Chatted for quite some time, got his name card, and promptly continued the shopping trip. We bought some shandy and lots of titbits and biscuits; specifically Tim Tam haha... Kinda influenced by Nick's Flash animation guide on how to eat a Tim Tam. (check it out!!!) After which, we had our dinner at KFC. then went to Dear's home to watch The Eye 10.

The Eye 10 turned out to be so-so; I'm apologetic to admit this, but I'm under the impression that out of 100 horror movies, only 5 of them make the cut as horror movies with substance. The Eye 10 is not one of them. I still think that Scream is a good example of the genre of horror/scary movies. Maybe it's because it doesn't try to mix supernatural with the natural; there's a feeling of being taken for a ride when you dsicover that, at the end, its not the ghostly beings that are at trick, but another human being? Where's the horror/scary-ness? Anti-climatic is more like it...

After that, its the 10pm Negotiator on Channel U. Its quite a nice show! With Bobby Au Yong, Guo Keyi and Chi Lam. The lady who's playing Chi Lam's eventual love interest (why eventual? watch the show from Monday onwards and you might still be able to catch the answer at the end of the series...) is also quite good, but I guess she belongs to the "second-line" category actresses. Its a pity, cos I think her acting's pretty good, given that her character is not as multi-dimensional as the others. Hanged around after the show to watch Dear on Zoo Tycoon, and after trying the game for awhile, I think its not my type of game haha. A bit hard to maneuvore the controls and build stuff, and it has a lot of things that you need to take care of. After trying The Settlers game at Funan earlier on in the week with Dear (before our Sakae Dinner), I think I can handle it better than Zoo Tycoon.

Hmmm alot of things had happened in the past week; bombings seem to be the norm rather than exception nowadays, where every time I go to Yahoo! homepage, there would a piece of news on bombing somewhere around the world. I believe these ppl who set off a bomb can do it elsewhere, where there are fewer ppl, if all they want is attention from the mass public and media. I'm sure they can attract the same amt of attention if the London bombs went off in some ulu parks instead of the public transport systems. What for? If its done in the name of religion, then the religion's doctrines are seriously flawed.

Hope Alam Shah's trial at the world's oldest professional football club will be a fruitful one, though he wont be featured by the gaffer in the game against League One side Donchester Rovers. If he does have a breakthrough in the English game, I believe it will do both himself and the local football scene a lot of good. Let's pray something good comes out from his time in England...

Signing off.......... Perplexed: 5 EL modules or an additional Breadth............

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