Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Hard Work

Money is really hard to come by. After working together with the Indian nationals (Somehow I feel that calling them "blangahs" isn't so polite) for the past one week plus, my admiration for them has increased a few notches. Despite the heavy stuff, the low wages, the incessant demands that the same things be shifted to place A one day, and place B another day, they always have a smile on their faces at the end of the day, especially when you smile at them, and even more so when you have useful things that you don't wwant and they are willing to accept, like hot thermos flask, radio set, etc. Not much complaints (though even if there were any, wouldn't be able to understand them haha), no pretences. One thing that is frustrating is the communication barrier though; partly because of the lack of a lingua franca (even English has its limitations), and also partly due to the fact that we had, between us, different conceptions of the various rooms. I wasn't able to tell them where is the instrument store room because they dunno which room we use to store instruments; Practice Theatre became "computer room" because that's where all the condemned or to-be-condemned desktops were going to be temporarily housed (and there were loads of them...). Nonetheless, it was quite satisfying to see the whole of Level 1 cleared; the next move would be December I guess, or even Oct/Nov.

Since my last update, alot of things had happened. On Friday, Dear invited me to go for a movie @ Cathay Cineleisure with her friends Jennifer and Terence. The movie for the day was this Japanese movie Be With You. It was indeed a very nice romantic movie, something that would be a favourite amongst those who like such shows and who don't mind the fairytale-like story. So moving that I had no choice but to shed a few tears =) I must admit though, that it won't be everyone's cup of tea; heard a couple who were walking behind us after the show that the movie was not very logical/believeable/something like that, some commnets along the line of not having enjoyed the movie. I still think its nice though, while reserving the view that such incidents are unlikely to happen in real life. After the show, we had a very late dinner opposite the n.y.d.c outlet outside The Heerens, and then we were off.

On Saturday, Dear and I went off to Yuhua CC for a game of badminton in the afternoon. The sudden thunderstorm in the morning had somehow subsided, and we sweated it out for 2 hours before heading back to Dear's place for lunch. The pig in me spend half of the afternoon dozing off while Dear studied, and in the evening, we went to IMM so that Dear could get her stool for her computer table.

Sunday was spent in Orchard with Dear and her friends Jennifer and Terence. We headed first to Paragon to listen to Westwood Sec School Concert Band perform at the foyer. After that, we had lunch at Coffee Club @ Ngee Ann City, where Dear and I shared a set lunch, and all of us had Muddy Mud Pie for desserts (two ppl sharing one each, no prize for guessing right who shared with whom), and it was very nice! And it's just right for two people to share. So yummy lah! After makan, we went to walk around and window shopped. In the end though, we ended up shopping at Giordano, where Dear finally got her denim berms and Giordano membership, while I got myself a more formal belt and another pair of berms for the new AY. After that, Dear and I went to get dinner while Jennifer and Terence went back. Dinner was at Pepper Lunch (Taiwan website here, Japan website here) where Japanese teppanyaki was ordered and served fast-food style. Had a nice meal there, with the DIY frying of the veggies and meat. The price was on the steep side though; something that you might wanna try if you are looking for a new eating experience.

Monday came and went so fast; almost all the moving for this phase had been completed. Dear went to Candy Empire @ Millenia Walk and bought a whole bag of sinful goodies (hehe oxymoron ah...) that includes Tim Tams, chips and M & Ms' =) We had dinner at the Clementi Kopitiam, and then went back Dear's place to start on the goodies! We started with the Cheese-flavoured Corn Chips that was simply cool! Someday we shall try the rest of the stuff wor =)

Today marks the completion of the shifting of the stuff from Level 1; my role is almost done as well, and I shall get ready myself for the start of the school semester. Hope to get the final module; still feel damn "gek" that I couldn't get SFG because I didn't switch to Honours track during GAPS. ARGH! Anyway, I'll try to snatch that last module... Dear went for her first paper today and after that, she came down to YIH. We had makan at Munchie Monkeys, and we concured that they should come up with new items for their menu real soon. After work, I went to join Dear at her place, and I'm still am here right now, typing this entry. Tomorrow I shall go swimming if the weather is kind to me...

Signing off....... Phew, no more cartons and boxes for now..........

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