Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Honours Year, Day 1

Posts have been sporadic at best so far, largely due to the fact that I have been trying to enjoy the last teeny bit of my holidays. Work @ CFA was more or less done for this phase, though I still keep getting the occasional call asking me for access to stuff and such. Dear has been very tolerating the late hours that I keep while working, and I should say a big THANK YOU!!! Also thanks yous to all others who have been tolerant as well. A lot has happened; i shall list them in point form.

  • Lunch on Wed with Dear at JP Kopitiam, then had Rehearsal for Timeless Classic. Man, was Concert Hall COLD! Nice time playing with the Guitar Ensemble and Choir, though I was critiqued for having poor fundamentals. =(
  • Lunch on Thursday with Dear at Jurong West Nasi Lemak; after that, it was Welcome Tea for NUSWS. Not bad, with the number of new faces, though I highly suspect that some members (minute minority) have already been interpreted as snobbish towards the establishment; ok , it's me who interpret as such. Somehow, I can't help but feel that way when the minute minority congregate and converse among hushed whispers (remember, all interpretations are my own; you might have seen it differently, and thus interpreted events in your own way); worse is that what you can barely hear and see are shakes and negative comments, and after the food that is catered out of goodwill, the minute minority excused themselves with some lame fabrications. Should have saved the "See ya next week."
  • TWSS Concert on Friday evening. Thanks to Weilin (Tooty), Dear and I managed to have tickets. We ventured into wat was probably VIP seating area instead haha; we were sitting just behind the prize winners, which include Zhong Shun =) The band had improved from the previous year, though Phantom would have sounded even nicer if the band in general had been put in more feeling and "courage" to play out, and hence possibly make it less of a plateau. Nonetheless, Ascentium was quite cool =)
  • I was quite a sinner i admit, on Saturday, making Dear wait for me for 2.5 hours in town after her Singtel focus group discussion. BIG SORRY!!! Btw, that was quite good money *thumbs up!* for the focus group. After that, we went for a rather forgettable experience of BBQ-steamboat at Marina South (we swear never to patronise that particular store again, live prawns/crab or not) . What made the day was perhaps the start of the SG Fireworks Festival =) The choreographed fireworks provided something syetematic, rhythemic, yet equally arousing and spectacular to the National Day fireworks; come to think of it, the annual ND fireworks, as compared to the ones we saw, looked too SG-rean, machiam like rojak, anyhow whack one! HAHA!!!
  • Dear and I went to catch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on Sunday. VEry nice and musical-like feeling. The Willy Wonka Welcome theme is so stuck in our heads! hehe!!! Very coincidentally, I'm sort of have a high level of craving for chocs nowadays!!! Maybe its Candy Empire's fault!!!!
  • Just came back from Dear's place after Day 1 of my final Year. LIP was fine, except that Lazaar was delayed by the massive jam on AYE, and that i still feel so strongly against "empowerment" as giving the underprivilege the power to fight against their ills. Not that its no good for the underprivileeg to fight for their rights, but by being adamant that we are power givers, it inevitably has put these very same ppl under our noses, cos they are deemed, even by us, as helpless, as needing our help to stand against what has discriminated them. They must be recognised as having their own inherent strengths that are inside them; empowerment is leading them to discover and harness the strengths in them, recognising that they have strengths within themselves, that they are capable of resistance through their own hands and feet, and not through us giving them any thing that we deem as "power". Science of Music was long-winded, and Dear agreed. Hope that it will get more interested as time goes by.

Sorry for this haphazard post.... haha..... thoughts just come flying by........

Signing off.......... need to transpose the scores..........

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