Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Unfit - Pick yourself up

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There was this heavy downpour this morning; sort of set the tone of the day for me... My research question begs some reality examples to qualify itself as a viable research question.
I could remember some time back where my friend had asked me about names that you don't commonly hear locally. Names like Rebecca and Juliet.... Today, I saw this notice outside a tutorial room in AS7, and I couldn't resist taking a picture of it =)

I could hardly catch a ball during syntax despite the topic for today being relatively short. IPPT was a failure; for the first time since for as long as i can remember, I failed the running part, though I was surprised i can still managed 2 chin ups haha... time for more training!!!

Signing off...... Have to choose a presentation for Syntax; week 8 is my show.....

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