Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Part 1 - End

30th Nov - end of a long ardous journey, another chapter closed in the quest for knowledge.

Just came back from Zathura @ West Mall with Dear; its been a long time since I had such a nice evening... and FINALLY an evening NOT spent in the HONS room for a pretty long time...

Had a nice dinner ( in terms of company) with Dear, though KFC's Fish Olé still has room for improvement... Zathura seems to be similar to Jumanji, but it's kinda more in depth, cos the stars of the show are these two brothers who cant stand each other initially (well, if i were the dad, i would have given them a piece of my mind...); no big stars, although they have a pesky elder sis who is pretty much a vase in the movie. Its about 100 mins long, and I think its a good watch for a weekday evening; one comment would probably be the board game itself... its too much Jumanji (not that I'm aware which came first, but surely something could have been done to vary the format of the board game).

PHEW?! Daniel Ong with Jaime Teo?!

Signing off......... pray, pray, pray............

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