Thursday, December 01, 2005

Town Trip

Was late for Stats class this morning, but didnt miss much; Lunch was a splendid affair @ Raj Prime Vegetarian Restaurant at Biopolis, with MD and the rest of the Syntax peeps. For the first time in my life, I had so many thosai/dosas, and they all come in different shapes and ingredients; i liked that starter (gosh, I forgot the name again!), the sauces, the curry with peas, the mango lasi... BAGUS!!!! And to top it off, it was MD's treat! Wow! NICE!

After that, I went to meet Dear at Dover; we made our way down Orchard; stopped at Shaw Centre to walk walk; seems that everywhere is selling Mattel board games on the cheap... great Christmas present!!! HAha! TRavel Scrabble @ below $25! And then we saw this G2000 sale! Though a bit Chap-pa-lang, but the clothes really cheap; men's pants at $16! too bad they only have sizes 28 to 31 =(

We slowly made our way to Wisma; stopped by the newly opened Crystal Jade shop @ where the old Mac's used to be; bought the carrot cake and smoked sausage to eat... and man, that really made us hungry... we went up to Food Republic, and was so mesmerised by the food... ended up queueing for the Hokkien mee for like 20 mins, and then had a second round of Siew Mai and 2 other types of Dim Sum... and finally, rounded off with teh terik. I think dear and I shall make our way there again in the very near future to try the other stuff that's available there...

We continued to walk and walk... its been a while since we last spent such great time, walking and chatting; we came across this section in Taka selling minature stuff like miniature theater where there's characters from the Nutcracker Suite, and there's music boxes... even those tiny books that turn out to be music boxes when you open them... all those are very expensive, but very nice... of course, we also stumbled across stuff like a set of cutlery for maybe 5-8 ppl, costing like close to $900?!

In the end, we went back at around 9pm... tiring but real fun & enjoyment!

Signing off............ It's December le............

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